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Free Training Workshop on Video Mapping

It’s October 1st 2014 and Perlimpinpin Designers adds and ticks another event in its ‘Events’ List’! This time we are talking about the Free Training Workshop on Video Mapping we organised specifically for beginners.

The session welcomed 20 trainees rigorously artists coming from the more diverse creative backgrounds and with a strong passion for technology! Although most of the attendees work in the art industry indeed, by ‘artists’ here we mean everyone who has a natural inclination to follow his instinct and join a group of crazy strangers prompted only from the desire to learn this cutting-edge technology! In fact, the workshop was organised right to approach those who had been fascinated from this technology but had never had any opportunity to learn how it works!

The workshop kicked-off with Emmanuel presenting the basic concepts of Projection Mapping. Videos and tutorials also supported his explanations, just as the attendees comments and personal knowledge contributed to clarifications. Two volunteers, John and Gill, helped us to reveal the first steps of Resolume, one of the many Projection Mapping software. After 1 hour ‘lecture’, where attendees had also the opportunity to introduce themselves, a little aperitif of delicious home-made sandwiches and drinks gladdened the evening! The refreshments were then followed by the core part of the workshop, where we actually saw our participants practicing Resolume programme!

Attendees were divided into groups and challenged to create projection mappings on surfaces of different shapes and in a certain period of time! Each hour, in fact, participants needed to leave their original group and join another one to create a different video projection! The outcome was brilliant: attendees got to know one other and swapped contact details to think about further creative collaboration, familiarized with a great video mapping software and enjoyed an enthusiastic and original evening!

Feedbacks on this workshop have been excellent and we are still receiving congratulations from attendees as well as solicitings for the next workshop!

We feel sorry not to have given all members on list the opportunity to join the MeetUp, but we are going to organise a bigger session next time!

So stay in tune with the next workshop on Video Mapping!

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