The Mystery of the Crocodile Farm – The educational game Educational game about crocodiles and their environment

Le mystère de la ferme aux crocodiles - Le jeu éducatif from Perlimpinpin Designers on Vimeo.

Project Details

At first, this educational game was developed as a gift to be sold in the souvenir shop of the tourist attraction “The Crocodile Farm”. However, visitors rapidly got interested in its educational focus since it provided a lot of information about crocodiles from all around the world.

The game “The Mystery of the Crocodile Farm” is available both for PC and Mac. It contains videos, quiz games, 12 video games, the crocodile farm book, the crocodile encyclopaedia, crocodiles’ pictures and many surprises.

Scenario: According to an ancient legend, a boy will appear one day in order to restore peace between men and crocodiles. The user plays the role of the adventurer, who will have to go through 12 complicated missions and collect 13 holy medals. These medals will be necessary to free the king Crökoh from the stone building!