3D Mapping – The Commercial Real Estate Exhibition in Paris Project proposal

Salon de l’Immobilier Paris SIMI from Perlimpinpin Designers on Vimeo.


The main aim of this project proposal from 2010 was to revolutionize the era of the static 3D models.

Thanks to 3D mapping technology, we proposed to give life to a volume model by representing La Défense business district in Paris. We could, therefore, show the processes, the flow (electricity, waste materials, water, transport, the movement of population), do in fact enliven the district or even simulate fireworks!

This device involved 3D mapping and a projection based on a real model of 10m per 5m thanks to 8 video projectors, as well as an artistic creation.

Optionally, we gave them the chance to trigger multimedia content by pointing at different parts of the model. Later, we had the chance to set up this technology (see our patented technology Motion MAP®) and of carrying out astonishing projects!