Roland Garros 2011 We are Tennis - "Kinect Freestyle" and "Set Custom"

Roland Garros - We are Tennis - Freestyle et Set Custom from Perlimpinpin Designers on Vimeo.


BNP Paribas, official sponsor of Roland Garros, has a stand called “We Are Tennis” at their disposal.

In 2011, the device was made up of 2 modules: “Freestyle” and “Set custom”.

Freestyle is a giant screen game for 1 or 2 players, both younger and older players. The shadow puppet of a man in a strange position appears on screen. The players have to get their own silhouette inside the shadow. If they do it quickly and properly they will get some points. During the game, a series of pictures are taken without the participants knowing.

This game does not need any remote control; we designed it by using Kinect®, which we also improved. In 2011 it was premiered in France.

Set Custom is the second module of the event, made up of 2 touch tables. The participants discover that a picture was taken while playing Freestyle. Then, they can customise their picture (pictograms, texts or drawings) and afterwards they can send it via email or share it on Facebook.

Every evening, the hostesses will be able to confirm the pictures in the back office before they are automatically sent.

The “We Are Tennis” installation did not stop during the 15 day event and visitors were delighted with it.