Professor Biotritus conferences – The educational game Educational game about waste sorting - Age: 6 - 11 years

Les Conférences du professeur Biotritus - Le jeu éducatif from Perlimpinpin Designers on Vimeo.


With the aim of helping local teachers to develop practical actions related to recycling and waste sorting promotion, Sytrad asked us to create an educational game targeting primary schools. Therefore, we came up with Professor Biotritus’s little box: This kit does not require any previous preparation from the teacher and it is very simple to use. It allows them to explain to their students the fundamental points of the waste sorting process in a playful way, such as:

> 30 colourful posters that explain the main waste sorting guidelines that students can take home with them

> 30 activity books by Professor Biotritus: functional and adjustable, it regroups practical exercises propositions about the waste sorting process topic, its composition and the reduction in wasting production

> an interactive quiz game to test their knowledge

> Professor Biotritus conference about wasting management (15 audio sequences of 20 mins. in total to watch in class)

> the educational game “SORTING, CLEANING and WINNING” to learn how to recycle and have fun at the same time


Scenario: Children find themselves in a house where rooms are exceptionally untidy. They have to drive themselves to sort the waste in the proper containers. Of course, the game entails different obstacles!

At the end of the game, children will be unbeatable at waste sorting!

This game can be adjustable to your colour and waste sorting preferences as shown in this example: Play on-line

It is equally adaptable in screen-touch devices, tablets, wide screen with control without contact, etc. It can be integrated in an educational tour or in an exhibition.