Pollutec partnership Aktid Presentation of modules for educational tours in waste sorting centres

Pollutec partenariat Aktid from Perlimpinpin Designers on Vimeo.


As part of our partnership with Aktid, the waste sorting centres manufacturer, we equipped the stand for their exhibition at Pollutec 2012 and 2013 with artifices that our team only knows about!

In this exhibition, dedicated to the environment, our client wanted to reproduce an educational tour in miniature. We were exceptionally prepared to carry out that project since we had developed a high level of experience on educational tours and tools about waste sorting over the last few years.

In the exhibition, a mini educational tour, available in this video, was made up of multiple spaces.

> The game “Magic Sorting”, created with waste materials equipped with RFID chips, indicates, in real time, whether if the visitor placed the waste material in the right container or not.

> The “Recyquiz” works by remote control and allows multiple players to test their knowledge about this topic.

> A touch tablet that contains the game “Professor Biotritus Conferences” challenges the player to clean the rooms of a house as quickly as possible.

> Combined with an exercise bike, the screen-touch device turns into a game of sorting out the recycling, in which the cyclist, by pedalling as fast as he can, has to make the conveyor belt, that moves along the screen, advance. One side to the other, the players must trap the different waste materials provided on the conveyor belt and sort them properly.

> Finally, the “Black Box” will put the cap on the visit thanks to the magic of our Motion Map System, which triggers different information by simply pointing at the objects that interest them. For this installation we created a model based on a waste sorting process developed by Aktid.