Peter and the London Kids – The Electronic Music Show (beta) Electronic music show carried out by one musician and two virtual musicians



Electronic music show carried out by one musician + 3D mapping video projection on props and real-time animations of 2 virtual musicians made in 3D.

The technical confines, the assembly and disassembly steps in particular, were exceptionally important for this project. The show is prepared for a 4 to 8 metres stage equipped with 7 projector videos and 4 synchronised computers in real time.

For this project, we carried out the study of the concept, the stage, the creation of both physical and virtual decoration elements and the technical performance of the show. The scene is made up of polystyrene props in which real-time visual animations are displayed at the rhythm of the artist actions.

In order to bring the virtual musicians alive, we decided to project them in real time by using Unity3D so that they are able to modify their own behaviour according to the artist; the music he plays or his situation in scene.

3D mapping allows us to bring the props alive and to create different pictures for the show. For this project we use Resolume Arena, Flash and Unity.

In order to diffuse the projected particles around the artist, a specific software had to be completely developed and synchronised. In this project we also managed different lighting effects by using Led (Light-emitting diode), exceptionally for the creation of the central instrument.

The central music instrument is equipped with different types of pressure and distance sensors. It was specially developed for this show. All the visual effects, character animations and special effects are created by the software Ableton Live via a max for Live plug-in. Likewise, the central music instrument and all the audio sequences are controlled by this software. This “prototype” video was developed by using pictures that were taken during the course of the project and during two public presentations of the project in June and July 2013 in our workplace in Lyon. Many imperfections and bugs that are visible in this video appear during these demonstrations and this helped us to optimise our efforts during the rest of the work process. All of this was very exciting!

“Ghost-friends project” is currently focused in a different way and will shortly be renamed by: “Peter and the London Kids”.

This project is currently in the middle of a transformation process in London.