Peter and the London Kids – Live Music Performance The prototype "Ghost-friends project" turns into "Peter and the London kids"


The project “Peter and the London kids” builds upon the “Ghost friends project”. It is a new show that includes a more important acoustic dimension than its previous version by preserving the uncommon visual renderings.

The technologies that we used for this section were built upon those which we created for the “Ghost friends project” in 2012 and 2013. However, we reconsidered them to allow the artist to be more focused on the game and, therefore, closer to his public.

We studied this new project by imagining what kind of live music will be produced in the future and, more generally, the show itself (big topic!). With the arrival of new technologies we have discovered different fascinating ways to conceive art on stage: music creation, image projection, lighting or the possibilities to record the movement of the artists in real time.

However, these improvements sometimes add a “cold” touch to the show and our main problem was to find the balance between the technologies’ contribution and Peter and the London kids’ deep emotions.

The stake for this show, where the artist is alone on stage and manages electronic machines and computers simultaneously, was especially big.

Many artists are currently working on this and some of their performances are starting to stand out.

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“Peter and the London kids” is an absolutely independent project and its goal is also to develop connections between the image and lighting artists, performers, IT developers, electronics engineers, electronics and acoustic musicians and DJ producers.

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