Educational visit tour -Nîmes- (France) Technical study, scenography, experience design...(the Teaser)


The educational tour carried out in the ‘Valréna’ Materials Recovery Facility in Nimes (France) is an animation for children and adults which allows them to become aware of the importance of waste sorting.

The Scenography

It is made up of 4 distinct spaces organized by theme.
The main space is equipped with a giant octagon 6 meters in diameter, several touch screens, a 3D model of the centre and a lighting system more usually used in show business which together enable spectators to see the presentation total immersion.

Total immersion of the learner

At Perlimpinpin Designers, we decided, to put the visitors into a context and we think that total immersion in an environment is the best way to a playful teaching method.
Total immersion allow the learners, by disconnecting them from their everyday life, to understand the messages in the easiest possible way.

Technical installation

The very latest special effects have been used for this installation, in particular a 360° Video Mapping Projection system (unique in Europe) that allows vistors to fully appreciate the “show” no matter where they are in relation to the octagon.

For this occasion 2 imaginary characters, Master Valrenus and Chico the magician, were created from the customer’s mascots. They have been staged so as to interact with the children, to captivate them and make their learning process easier.

The educational visit in detail

The visit lasts for one and a half hours, and allows the visitor to take part in various games and animations, as well as seeing the machine used in the waste recycling facility.
The visit begins with a presentation of the history of waste from prehistorical times up to the present day. Following this, visitors can view easily the journey undertaken by different types of packaging thanks to our 360° video projection mapping ; from the first purchase in a shop through to the different waste treatment processes, and then the recycling process up until its return to a shop once it has been recycled.
Among the following activities, we will find our famous sort-cyclo, the hidden photo booth, the crazy packaging, the magic bin, tactile games where you can play in a team and of course the visit of the waste recycling facility itself.
Once back from all these activities, our visitors will be one again be placed all around the octagon to watch a new intervention from Master Valrenus and Chico the Magician. This will allow them, with some help of sleight of hand, to see the inside of the machines in order to understand how they function.
Before saying good bye, the presenters have the possibility to activate a set of games using their touch screens in order to adapt the themes to the visitors’ ages.
This flexibility allows them to manage the overall intervention time and to have a time dedicated to an exchange of human dialogue so as to remind visitors of some important points and take their questions.

The web platform

In addition to the educational tour, we have created a web platform meant for schools.
This system allows us to have an active teaching method at 3 different times.
Before the visit, by the use of our educational games during classes,
During the visit, by means of the different activities that have been installed,
Back in class, the pupils can play again.
The scores are memorized anonymously

The web platform has 3 aims:

1st aim: To give all the information linked to the visit to the teacher.
2ndaim: To give access to a set of animations and educational games destined for pupils.
3rdaim: To retrieve the scores of the pupils and to print some statistics about the evolution of their learning process by age.

If the statistics show us that it’s difficult for some categories of visitors to understand some of the themes, it will be easy for us to update them and rework the contents.

A TV report about the centre and our installation can be seen on Vimeo here