Facteur Cheval’s Last Letter – The interactive game Interactive adventure about the ideal Palace of Facteur Cheval

La dernière lettre du Facteur Cheval - Le jeu éducatif from Perlimpinpin Designers on Vimeo.


This interactive game leads visitors to the centre of the Drôme des Collines, and to the discovery of the ideal Palace of Facteur Cheval. (France)

Within this interactive adventure, the player chats with the characters and moves forward by making a series of choices. The Palace of Facteur Cheval is discovered in an unexpected corner thanks to multiple pictures and videos, 50 educational charts that explain the life and work of Facteur Cheval and to 30 points obtained by zooming in some parts of the palace.

Scenario: Little Benjamin’s grandfather carries with him something that happened during his youth. He will soon organise a guessing game for his grandson in order for him to discover the magic and hidden meaning of the Ideal Palace and of the man who once built it.

This game may be particularly interesting for children. However, according to its operating system and story, it was created for adults!