Exhibition “Smile” 2011 > 2014 – A Multi player educational game Multi player educational game on touch surface

Salon SMILE Jeu éducatif multi-joueurs sur surface tactile. from Perlimpinpin Designers on Vimeo.


As part of the industrial business exhibition, we organised a multi player educational game. The main goal of this game was to introduce the industrial business to a group of students who visited the exhibition.

6 players participate at the same time on the same touch table. At the beginning of the game, each of them chooses a role out of the 6 main tasks involved in the industrial manufacturing of an object. The interrelated professions complement each other to the assembly line. At the end of the game, the quantity and the quality of the manufactured product are measured. The winning team is the one producing more objects as quickly as possible and at a maximum quality level!

The game also helps to raise awareness among the younger generations through the experience of experimenting the interrelation between professions by themselves.

The stand receives 2000 students every day over the 4 days. Students arrive to the stand in groups of 12 people and are organised into two groups. Afterwards, they compare their results. The game lasts 3 minutes and has done so since 2011.