Citroen Creative Tour – “Car Painting” "Car-Painting" device - Cities : Moscou - Paris - Berlin

Citroën Creative Tour Moscou - Paris - Berlin / Dispositif "Car-Painting" from Perlimpinpin Designers on Vimeo.

Project Details

As part of the tournée organised by Citroen and upon the release of its new DS3, whose roofs are customisable, we created a design simulation of this new car’s roof.

The device is composed by a touch tablet connected to a projector and by a Citroën DS3 installed vertically on one of its walls.

On the touch tablet, the visitors are able to experiment their creativity by customising the roof of the Citröen. This personalisation takes places in real time on the DS. The drawing software, which has been developed specially for this installation, comprises a set of art creation tools that enable us to add text, integrate pictures, create different shapes, and modify colours and effects too.

It is possible to adapt this concept to different formats both flat and in volume (mapping 3D).

Why not redesign your garden, a public space or even Big Ben?