3D Welcome video for visit tours in waste sorting centre Consultancy and dedicated educational tools

Film d'accueil 3D pour parcours de visite from Perlimpinpin Designers on Vimeo.


Sytrad federates 22 intermunicipal structures that guarantee the household-waste collection in Drôme and Ardèche counties, France. It has a waste sorting centre open to the local public, particularly to students.

Within the creation of its educational tour, we carried out a consultancy service about the global project and several achievements:

> An advisory talk about communication related to the visual identity of the tour.

> A consistency project with some tools that we had already developed for them in previous years.

> The development of media dedicated to the tours as is the case of this welcome and introduction video. This video stages Julie, a 3D mascot design specially created for Sytrad. It helps us to explain the scenario in which the visitors will be immersed and gives different content elements that are relevant to the visit. The actor who plays the role of Prof. Biotritus is Mr. Hal Collomb, with whom we had already worked with the educational game “Professor Biotritus Conferences“. It was a good idea to give life to a video-game character that students had already discovered.