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Free Training Workshop on Video Mapping

It’s October 1st 2014 and Perlimpinpin Designers adds and ticks another event in its ‘Events’ List’! This time we are talking about the Free Training Workshop on Video Mapping we organised specifically for beginners.

The session welcomed 20 trainees rigorously artists coming from the more diverse creative backgrounds and with a strong passion for technology! Although most of the attendees work in the art industry indeed, by ‘artists’ here we mean everyone who has a natural inclination to follow his instinct and join a group of crazy strangers prompted only from the desire to learn this cutting-edge technology! In fact, the workshop was organised right to approach those who had been fascinated from this technology but had never had any opportunity to learn how it works!

The workshop kicked-off with Emmanuel presenting the basic concepts of Projection Mapping. Videos and tutorials also supported his explanations, just as the attendees comments and personal knowledge contributed to clarifications. Two volunteers, John and Gill, helped us to reveal the first steps of Resolume, one of the many Projection Mapping software. After 1 hour ‘lecture’, where attendees had also the opportunity to introduce themselves, a little aperitif of delicious home-made sandwiches and drinks gladdened the evening! The refreshments were then followed by the core part of the workshop, where we actually saw our participants practicing Resolume programme!

Attendees were divided into groups and challenged to create projection mappings on surfaces of different shapes and in a certain period of time! Each hour, in fact, participants needed to leave their original group and join another one to create a different video projection! The outcome was brilliant: attendees got to know one other and swapped contact details to think about further creative collaboration, familiarized with a great video mapping software and enjoyed an enthusiastic and original evening!

Feedbacks on this workshop have been excellent and we are still receiving congratulations from attendees as well as solicitings for the next workshop!

We feel sorry not to have given all members on list the opportunity to join the MeetUp, but we are going to organise a bigger session next time!

So stay in tune with the next workshop on Video Mapping!

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the music tech festival in london

The Music Tech Festival in London

Amazing speakers were lined-up on Friday night at the Music Tech Festival, a 3-day event gathering hackers, musicians, engineers, artists, technologists, music composers and promoters, hosted in the beautiful LSO St Luke centre.

Among others projects, Alex Haw presented his great arboreal lightening, a massive light sculpture following the structure of the auditorium where it has been installed. The sound produced by the artists’ performances fed the lights on the tree, making it come alive.


Ian Shepherds, then, showed us a demo of his plugin ‘Perception’, which allows music engineers to find the perfect balance of loudness and dynamics for their music (


Michela Maggas (Director of the Festival) and Andrew Dubber (Professor at Birmingham University) presented their documentary “Occupy Music”, aiming to share their travel experience around 12 Brazilian cities last year. The film explores the changes of the music community in Brazil, which is composed of about 3000 people dreaming about a better world, where “the street becomes the new place to be, to connect, to make art and to play music”. Very inspiring!

pic3 helps artists and bands generate income from merchandising (T-shirts, mugs with a track printed on them, etc.). Its founder showed great ideas of how technology can actually boost the music industry. One of them is the ‘Air guitar T-shirt’. The T-shirt features a guitar printed on it, which the wearer can actually play! Indeed, the T-shirt is connected to a laptop, which is able to control the hands’ movements on the guitar through its webcam. The result is a real live music coming from the T-shirt!

Kate Stone showed how her company, Novalia, turned artists posters into speakers. The poster plays different types of music when touched on different parts. She also showed her interactive book project, which creates portals to the specific social media of an artist: only the people holding the “artist’s book” can have access to his social media and any other private content he shares.

At last, she turned a piece of blank paper along with a chip into a midi controller able to play scratched music.

Her goal of “making music physical again” and the demo of her projects have been hugely and fairly applauded by the audience.

Have a look at her TED talk at:


Matan Berkowitz, presented the “Musical brain hacking”, which allows people to play almost every instruments thanks to an algorithm based on 20 brain features, EEG equipment and a matlab program. Through a quite complex but interesting explanation, he presented his main goals: being able to compose and play music through one’s own thoughts!


We also discovered Concertronica, a great instrument/Midi controller created by Crewdson. Concertronica is equipped with 20 buttons, of which 10 control the sound loops and the remaining ones the effects. In addition, 4 stripes are attached on pulleys and linked with potentiometers. The demo proposed by Crewdson was convincing!


Lastly, the night ended up with Jason Singh and Adam John Williams, 2 talented beat box-hackers who performed with one of their hands covered with sensors.

The Music Tech Fest lasted all the weekend, where Perlimpinpin Designers was part of the Hackers team.

hackers team MTFLondon


Find out more at:


Arboreal :

Novalia :

Crewdson :

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The Meetings Show London

On the 9th July Perlimpinpin Designers’ s team attended The Meetings Show at Olympia London. The event is designed to gather buyers and exhibitors inspired to do business and develop industry knowledge and network with the best in the industry.

Besides the exhibitions and the Hosted Buyer Programme, The Meetings Show runs also an Education Programme intended to enhance the participants’ knowledge and ensure that event professionals from every sector go away with new ideas and inspiration.

In this context, our team was delighted to attend four interesting conferences about Design innovations, Technology innovations, International Business and Social Media strategy.

Participants were mostly managers or CEOs of companies and start-ups keen to learn more about the latest technologies and strategies to better engage their target audiences. We learnt about a “Pecha-cucha”, a curious time-managing tool, which times presentations’ speeches and help interact more with the audience. A “Catch Box”, instead, is a colourful microphone that attendees and speakers can pass or literally launch each other when they want to express their opinions! Furthermore, “Geolocation” is a technique aiming at identifying and localising visitors of an event by working as a proper radar. Last but not least, we were pleased to hear about our beloved Video Mapping, which grabbed people’s attention and encouraged an intense conversation about the topic. In particular, the speakers talked about Mapping Interaction as a way to interact with the screen besides just project images on objects. Mapping Interaction allows to “play” with images, making them bigger or shorter according to one’s purposes. It is, thus, a way to involve more the public, which is an issue at the heart of nowadays companies’ strategies and it was one of the hottest topic at The Meetings Show’s conferences.

Other meetings discussed the importance of building engaging social media and marketing strategies, giving significant insights especially to the start-ups attending the sessions.

The rooms were fully equipped with big screens, tables and seats. Each participant was given a laptop and other tech tools to interact with speakers, and a delicious buffet was behind us to gladden the breaks between the conferences!

Overall, the experience was enlightening and extremely insightful for Perlimpinpin Designers, which go away with thousand of other ideas in need only to be experimented!

Be ready!!!



Pernod Ricard Hackathon: the Special Bakery Prize for Perlimpinpin !

Things go fast in London. We arrived on Friday at The Bakery. On Saturday, we were already part of the Pernod Ricard Hackathon, brainstorming on how to take the consumer experience to another level. 48 hours of intensive work, fun, ideas and cocktails to bring together an innovative proposal to the Chivas marketing department.

And the winners are… The Ice Breaker Project, Scentee and the Chivas platform !

It was a lucky weekend for Perlimpinpin Designers as well, whose interactive installation has been rewarded with the Special Bakery Prize for the most adaptable technology to another industry. We won a 21-year-old Chivas whisky that we will share here with the Bakery team. What a nice gift to celebrate our arrival in this amazing co-working space!

Perlimpinpin Designers remporte le Prix Special de The Bakery au Pernod Ricard Hackathon !


Londres ne perd pas de temps, et l’équipe de “The Bakery” non plus. A peine arrivés vendredi dans l’accélérateur de startups, nous voilà propulsés dans le Pernod Ricard Hackathon. 48 heures de brainstorming, hacking, stratégie marketing, cocktails et rencontres pour faire naitre et formaliser une idée à présenter au département marketing de Chivas autour de la personnalisation de masse.

Ce challenge est un exemple d’évènement organisé par The Bakery pour mettre en relation startups créatives et grands groupes friands de nouveauté.

Dimanche, de 2h à 4h, les 11 groupes de participants ont présenté leur projet devant le panel de juges. Le podium a été remporté par The Ice Breaker Project, Scentee and the Chivas platform.

Le weekend s’est avéré tout autant productif pour l’équipe de Perlimpinpin Designers, qui décroche avec le mapping interactif le prix special The Bakery, récompensant la solution la plus adaptable à une autre industrie. Le prix ? Une bouteille de Chivas de 21 ans d’âge que nous partagerons avec les autres co-workers. Voilà un bien beau cadeau de bienvenue ! Merci The Bakery London !

Meetup Perlimpinpin Designers

Launch of the MeetUp about Video Mapping

This Thursday June 26th 2014, Perlimpinpin Designers organised its first MeetUp in London about the interesting yet little known topic of video mapping.

The MeetUp was the first of a series of future meetings aiming to gather the people interested in the topic, share concepts and ideas and come up with new ones. The purpose is to create a Community in London composed of professionals from different backgrounds keen to work together or simply learn more about this fascinating new art. As it is not required to be an expert in video mapping, sharing ideas and opinions are the first pillars the Community is supposed to be built on.

During the meeting, we were pleased of tasting a littlebit of these cognitive moments, with each attendee contributing with his own knowledge about art and video mapping. Videos were projected in order to give insights of the topic also to fewer experts. Then talks about the topic clarified concepts and met unanswered questions. Fresh drinks and snacks gladdened the atmosphere.

At the end of the evening, each participant knew a bit more about each other and the topic at issue. The aim now is to keep creating events and MeetUps to boost awareness of video mapping, enlarge the network of those interested and open rooms for a new market.

The next appointment will be set up in September. Forbidden missing the opportunity of being part of the next cutting-edge Community in London!

Enjoy your summer and see you soon!

To join the next MeetUp:


Perlimpinpin Designers at the Clerkenwell Design Week 2014

Perlimpinpin Designers at the Clerkenwell Design Week 2014

From Tuesday 20th to Thursday 22nd May, the Clerkenwell district hosted the Design Week in London. 50.000 visitors and 250 exhibitors gathered during the 2013 edition: the most talented and creative enterprises and architects took part in the hub.

On the occasion of the event, the streets were saturated with show rooms, sculpture and painting workshops, talks, and exhibitions.

Minimalist designs, new materials and weaves, 3D printing technologies, more and more accurate laser cutting technologies… Our eyes were wide-open! We especially liked the original and poetic initiative ‘Create A Highway’ carried out by the agency Four23, highlighting the connection between design, technology, and human relations. We also had a crush on the Beast and their cooking machine, completely controlled through the Internet by a Swedish chef.

A single regret: there was not as much interactivity as expected in the presented installations and exhibitions, even if the designers’ work deserves being highlighted.

Plenty of ideas in perspective for the coming year!

Perlimpinpin-Meet the Tech City Event Startups

Meet the Tech City Event Startups

On Tuesday night, Slido, Catch Talk TV and Perlimpinpin Designers had been invited to participate to the Pickevent event, aimed at event professionals.

Tech City event startups showcased the best of the events tech to make events more interactive and engaging to the audiences. As the event industry is becoming more competitive, how can event professionals attract more attendees and create better experiences for all event stakeholders – events team, speakers, exhibitors and sponsors?

A quick word on this Tuesday event :

Slido is to give all event organisers in the world an easy and affordable tool to actively engage their audiences and help them get the most out of their events.

Catch Talk TV is an exciting new way for professionals to easily discover and watch business videos related to their profession, featuring industry thought leaders, speaking at the world’s best conferences.

Pickevent helps organisers sell more tickets, increase attendance and gather more attendees’ data by providing high-tech networking and promotional tools connecting attendees, organisers, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors.

This event, comprising of 1 hour presentation & 2 hours networking, will introduce each month new startups.

A great “techstyle” evening : nice people, beer, wine and pizzas !

Thank you to Pickevent !


Slido :

Pickevent :

Catch talk TV :

awards for excellence

Perlimpinpin Designers at the Awards for Excellence in Recycling 2014

In order to find partners to submit an application to the 2015 edition, we went to the Awards for excellence in recycling on the 1st May 2014.

The ceremony was organised by « We Recycle » in the magnificent Landmark Hotel. It welcomed about 350 guests.

The Awards for excellence in recycling and waste management are renowned for delivering true value and recognition to leaders of innovation in the sector. There are 11 categories, such as retail recycling champion, the best community recycling initiative and civic amenity site of the year.

We were delighted to enjoy the great lunch followed by the ceremony and the networking event.

To whom might be interested : we want to present an application regarding education to recycling next year !

Pollutec aktid interview from Perlimpinpin Designers on Vimeo.

Our partnership with Aktid on the front page!

We have been developing solutions for waste sorting centres since 2005: educational tours, on-line or screen-touch tablet games, 3D videos and mascot design creations. This experience became even more important when in 2012 we built a partnership with Aktid, the waste sorting centre builder. Within this framework, we have participated with the exhibitions Pollutec 2012, NMP 2013 and Pollutec 2013.