Peter and the London Kids – Live Music Performance

Peter and the London Kids – Live Music Performance

an electro-live / game starring you !

Peter and the London kids is an interactive experience with the latest cutting edge technologies on stage, which brings the audience through a multi-disciplinary performance combining visual arts, electro-live music and contemporary dance. Follow Peter in his 3rd Millennium futuristic-retro world, that will reveal hidden truths from the past. Audience is invited to take part of this live electro quest…


Directed by Emmanuel Exbrayat,  aka “Peter” in collaboration with Maeve McPhillips (singer, keyboard and contemporary dancer), BenJack (artist-drummer) and the team of worldwide artists.This project started three years ago in France, has been developed in London and has been designed to be alive on stage.


The live-music performance uses DIY illuminated musical instruments, melodic voices and synths from the 80’s. Songs are deeply influenced by a synth-pop style of artists such as Depeche Mode, David Bowie, New Order, Jean Michel Jarre, The Communards. Nowadays, it might be compared to artists like  M83, Empire of the Sun, Royksopp and Kavinsky.

Storyline [episode 1]

It all started in 2021, October 2nd, when a lethal virus in the air ended the world as humans knew it. A few people managed to survive in the underground of London. Deep down and more closely to the core of the Earth, they’ve found a cave with crystals which emit light and much more..
They have built in that fantastic place a whole new city that they called “New London”. A thousand years later, The young man, Peter has his first vision after making an amazing discovery.
Peter and his friends will take you through a fantastic adventure that will reveal hidden truths from the past and his ancient world.

Interact with the audience (second step of the project) :

The audience will be invited to participate and make the story evolved through the show. As a member of the one of the 4 tribes, the public will be able to interact with the artists on stage, along with the story and simply by using a game.


In that context, the end of the world, represents only an introduction of the story of a new world brought to life.
The tribes together and as a community, is showing us a sort of equilibrium and harmony that is more in tune with nature.
Behind the story, the 1000 years spent inside mother earth represents the full circle of the gestation, which is a sort of deliverance into a new world that has been given to humans as a second chance.