The new Marketing interns joining the company!

The new Marketing interns joining the company!

As it is well known, at the very beginning a start-up faces different challenges in order to

integrate itself in a market. One of these includes finding the right people to form a great team

able to rocket!

For this reason, Perlimpinpin Designers has promptly decided to look for experts in the

marketing field. However, being a company full of creative and young energetic spirits,

what better than two fab Interns to start with, in a win-win perspective?! So here they are,

Clémence and Enrica joined the group as Marketing Interns! The atmosphere is great and the

idea behind it is as much kind and innovative.

Perlimpinpin Designers want to give voice to everyone has something to say. Everyone who is

keen to express his talent, competences and want to make things! Because there is no better

thing than relying on people and give them the opportunity to do, to learn and to grow.

Steve Jobs reminded us the importance of giving people tools in order to let them doing

wonderful things. In line with this way of thinking, Perlimpinpin Designers has first and

foremost entered the UK market with the aim to create a big Community of people ‘talking’

about their skills.

Clémence and Enrica are two brilliant girls at the end of their MSc Marketing studies who

can’t wait to ‘tell us a story’ of what they have been studying so far! As we know how it is

difficult nowadays for students to get their first experiences in the field they have so hardly

been working on at Universities, we were pleased to bring them on board of this exciting

new British adventure. And not surprisingly, we are glad to see Clémence and Enrica doing

successfully the first steps in their marketing careers.

They are bringing the company a number of ideas, suggestions and improvements on the

basis of careful considerations and market research. On the other hand, they are also bringing

an even younger touch to the company, which is the reason why we are delighted to share

with them not only ‘business issues’ but also the ordinary moments of life. Recently, we have

celebrated birthdays, exams results and we are just waiting for the next event in our To Do

List’s team!

Because we believe that when the workplace’s environment is pleased, everyone has the

pleasure to do his best to make the company succeed. In one word, it’s all about the sense of

Belonging, which is what makes the difference and what we want to build our philosophy on!

Good Team building to everyone!