The outcomes of the International Mapping Festival in Geneva

The outcomes of the International Mapping Festival in Geneva

After 1 week of performances, workshops and VJing, here are the outcomes:

1 – Beautiful encounters.

The international context of the Festival was one of the most appreciable aspects of the event. During the 5 days there, we met people from Spain, France, Uruguay, Switzerland, Dubai, the UK, etc. People with artistic and technical backgrounds met and merged their skills into an amazingly creative atmosphere.

2 – Original and creative workshops.

6 workshops took place during the International Mapping Festival, including 3D LED fashion, NY mappathon, mapping 2.0, stage design. At the end of the workshops, the attendees exhibited their creation: LEDs equipped costumes, interactive mapping, stage designs at the Zoo nightclub… All participants showed a great involvement and creativity. The NY Mappathon’s exhibition grabbed our interest.

Discover here the video of the workshop’s results

3 – Must-see performances.

On Friday and Saturday evening, the Galpon Theatre welcomed performances mixing mapping, video, sound and light. We loved the French performers called Nonotak, who played electronic music in the centre of a triangle covered with video mapping.

4 – A little lack of organisation.

However, with our surprise, we found the organisation of the Festival not really matching its international context. We expected a range of projects of a different level, in consideration of the skills and projects made by the organizers in the past, and the celebration of the 10th edition of the Festival.

5 –3D mapping on the CERN’s particles accelerator: our best favourite !

CERN is the largest particles physics laboratory in the world. With this installation, the public is invited to travel in the past while discovering the building of the Synchrocyclotron, the first CERN’s accelerator, which had been operating from 1957 to 1990. A 3D projection, mapped on the machine, explains its operation and explores the rich history of CERN. As we want to share the amazing projects we discover with you, here is a video we filmed during the visit. The creative, technical and educational aspects of the project literally blow our socks off !