• Interactive installations for events, exhibitions, showrooms, museums and visitor centres.

  • Technical partner of the most innovative agencies.

  • Tech solutions to help discovering and learning through interactivity and immersion.

  • Cutting-edge technologies to involve visitors and create unique experiences.

  • Mix of video mapping, video gaming, sensors, 3D cameras, motors, light and sound to interact with audiences.


  • peter and the london kids

    Peter and the London Kids – Live Music Performance

    THE PROJECT an electro-live / game starring you ! Peter and the London kids is an interactive experience with the latest cutting edge technologies on stage, which brings the audience through a multi-disciplinary performance combining visual arts, electro-live music and contemporary dance. Follow Peter in his 3rd Millennium futuristic-retro world, that will reveal hidden truths from […]

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  • 2014-10-01 22.38.28

    Free Training Workshop on Video Mapping

    It’s October 1st 2014 and Perlimpinpin Designers adds and ticks another event in its ‘Events’ List’! This time we are talking about the Free Training Workshop on Video Mapping we organised specifically for beginners. The session welcomed 20 trainees rigorously artists coming from the more diverse creative backgrounds and with a strong passion for technology! […]

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  • the music tech festival in london

    The Music Tech Festival in London

    Amazing speakers were lined-up on Friday night at the Music Tech Festival, a 3-day event gathering hackers, musicians, engineers, artists, technologists, music composers and promoters, hosted in the beautiful LSO St Luke centre. Among others projects, Alex Haw presented his great arboreal lightening, a massive light sculpture following the structure of the auditorium where it has […]

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  • 3D Industrial Revolution

    The 3D industrial revolution!

    3D printing is increasingly deemed as the next big technological innovation. For those who still do not know much about it, 3D printers are machines that enable you to turn your 3D designs on your PC/Mac into solid and touchable objects. All what you need to do is just to ‘print them out’! Therefore, a […]

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  • Perlimpipin ?

    Ideas, talent, compromise, smiles… A couple of tricks and the magic happens by sprinkling Perlimpinpin powder!

    Our team of designers combine technologies arising from the video game universe, the industry, and the spectacle, in order to create new technology solutions. The users are placed in the heart of our experiences which combine sounds, images, lights, electronic sensors, and robotics.


    As a multimedia creation studio, we develop new generation technology solutions: serious games, multi-touch solutions and augmented environments. By developing innovative concepts and both turnkey or customised solutions, we meet your communication, operational marketing, event planning, museography (visit tours, reception areas) or vocational education requirements.


    Augmented environments: Innovative solutions for new types of interaction. Tactile surfaces, interaction without contact, remote control, controllers, sensors, augmented reality…

    Serious-games / learning games / educational games: By using technologies arising from the video game industry, it is possible for the students to experience real situations. Both on-line or classroom modules are available.


    Temporary event installations: furniture and smart POS, dynamic exhibition stands, expositions, living props for the shows, etc.

    Permanent installations for reception areas: dramatization of sales areas, museography, and scenography of industrial sites’ visit tours, etc.

    Vocational education and raising youth awareness: research of audacious ideas in order to create educational or awareness-raising modules, both on-line and classroom-based.


    Perlimpinpin Designers are equipped with highly distinctive competences. They are able to:

    > perfectly master the technological chain, required when creating “augmented“ spaces such as rich applications (web or embedded), contactless identification technologies (RFID, NFC, Codes 2D, etc.), Microsoft’s Kinect technology and other 3D sensing technologies, connectivity to iPad or Android tablet applications, etc.

    > hide these technologies and to imagine different and innovative utilisation concepts in order to create immersing, astonishing and “magic” spaces…!


    The overlay interactions added to spaces or real objects are implemented by the bias:

    > with a layer of diffusion materials: projectors (mapping 3D), show light projection, relief screens, 3D glasses, holographic screens, etc.

    > with a multimedia layer for the content, characters, objects or virtual universes arising from video game technologies.


    Real innovation in the field of Humans / Machines dialogue by connecting our users to our multimedia content by means of specific sensors that go beyond the keyboard and the mouse. Accelerometer, gyroscope, orientation, electromagnetism, distance / proximity, pressure, Kinect’s 3D sensors, etc. can be integrated completely!



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